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Formulated using the latest scientific research and the world’s most powerful botanical ingredients, our natural, tailored supplements are here to feed your mind and help it flourish.

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I take Neubria Charge energy supplement before every game. I feel a consistent level of energy for the full 80 minutes. Now, I don’t play without it.

Hamish Watson, (Pro Athlete, Scotland Rugby International)

I use Charge which helps when I have an endless list of things to do and a child to look after when running on no sleep. It's amazing!

Naomi Millbank-Smith (Mother & Model)

I’ve been using Zone and Charge. Zone has helped with my focus, my alertness, my vision… the list goes on. Thank you Neubria.

Michael 'BunnyFuFuu' Kurylo (Pro Esports Athlete)


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We've searched the globe for the most powerful, natural plant-based ingredients to support your individual goals.

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Our supplements support brighter performance, mood, motivation and wellbeing. By placing as much emphasis on our minds as our bodies, we champion a truly holistic approach to healthy living.


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